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Liquids - Dynamic Viscosities

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Absolute or dynamic viscosities for some common liquids at temperature 300 K are indicated below:

Fluids - Dynamic Viscosities
FluidAbsolute Viscosity
(N s/m2, Pa s)(centipoise, cP)(10-4 lb/s ft)
Acetic acid 0.001155 1.155 7.76
Acetone 0.000316 0.316 2.12
Alcohol, ethyl (ethanol) 0.001095 1.095 7.36
Alcohol, methyl (methanol) 0.00056 0.56 3.76
Alcohol, propyl 0.00192 1.92 12.9
Benzene 0.000601 0.601 4.04
Blood 0.003 - 0.004
Bromine 0.00095 0.95 6.38
Carbon Disulfide 0.00036 0.36 2.42
Carbon Tetrachloride 0.00091 0.91 6.11
Castor Oil 0.650 650  
Chloroform 0.00053 0.53 3.56
Decane 0.000859 0.859 5.77
Dodecane 0.00134 1.374 9.23
Ether 0.000223 0.223 1.50
Ethylene Glycol 0.0162 16.2 109
Trichlorofluoromethane refrigerant R-11 0.00042 0.42 2.82
Glycerine 0.950 950 6380
Heptane 0.000376 0.376 2.53
Hexane 0.000297 0.297 2.00
Kerosene 0.00164 1.64 11.0
Linseed Oil 0.0331 33.1 222
Mercury 0.0015 1.53 10.3
Milk 0.003
Octane 0.00051 0.51 3.43
Phenol 0.0080 8.0 54
Propane 0.00011 0.11 0.74
Propylene 0.00009 0.09 0.60
Propylene glycol 0.042 42  
Toluene 0.000550 0.550 3.70
Turpentine 0.001375 1.375 9.24
Water, Fresh 0.00089 0.89 6.0

Liquids - Temperature and Dynamic Viscosities

  • Acetic acid
    Carbon disulphide
    Carbon dioxide
    Carbon tetrachloride
    Di-ethyl ether

  • Ethanol
    Ethyl acetate
    Ethyl formate
    Oil, castor
    Oil, olive
    Sulphuric acid

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