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Pipe Line Velocities vs. Fluid

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Typical Pipe Line Velocities vs. Fluid
FluidTypical Velocity
Acetylene, steel pipe 4000 20
Air, 0-30 psi, steel pipe 4000 20
Ammonia, liquid, steel pipe 360 1.8
Ammonia, gas, steel pipe 6000 30
Benzene, steel pipe 360 1.8
Bromine, liquid, glass pipe 240 1.2
Bromine, gas, glass pipe 2000 10
Calcium Chloride, steel pipe 240 1.2
Carbon Tetrachloride, steel pipe 360 1.8
Chlorine, liquid, steel pipe 300 1.5
Chlorine, gas, steel pipe 2000 - 5000 10 - 25
Chloroform, liquid, steel or copper pipe 360 1.8
Chloroform, gas, steel or copper pipe 2000 10
Ethylene, gas, steel pipe 6000 30
Ethylene Dibromide, glass pipe 240 1.2
Ethylene Dichloride, steel pipe 360 1.8
Ethylene Glycol, steel pipe 360 1.8
Hydrogen, steel pipe 4000 20
Hydrogenchloric Acid, liquid, rubber lined pipe 300 1.5
Hydrogenchloric Acid, gas, rubber lined pipe 4000 20
Methyl Chloride, liquid, steel pipe 300 1.5
Methyl Chloride, gas, steel pipe 4000 20
Natural gas,, steel pipe 6000 30
Oil lubricating, steel pipe 300 1.5
Oxygen, stainless steel 1800 - 4000 9 - 20
Propylene Glycol, steel pipe 300 1.5
Perchlorethylene, steel pipe 360 1.8
Steam, 0-30 psi, saturated, steel pipe 4000 - 6000 20 - 30
Sulfuric acid 240 1.2
Sulfur Dioxide, steel pipe 4000 20
Styrene, steel pipe 360 1.8
Trichlorethylene, steel pipe 360 1.8
Vinyl Chloride, steel pipe 360 1.8
Vinylidene Chloride, steel pipe 360 1.8
Water, steel pipe 180 - 480 0.9 - 2.4
  • low pressures up to 50 psi (3.5 bar)
  • temperatures 50 - 100oF (10 - 38oC)
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