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Water - Human Activity and Consumption

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The values bellow can be used as an indication of activities and their connected water consumption:

Human Activity and Water Consumption
ActivityWater Consumption
Brushing teeth, tap running 2 - 3 7.5 - 11.5
Bath 30 - 40 115 - 150
Dish-washing by hand, tap running 10 - 20 38 - 75
Dishwasher 7 - 10 26 - 38
Food preparation 11 - 19
Hands washing, tap running 1 - 2 3.5 - 7.5
Laundry machine 40 150
Shaving, tap running 2 - 5 7.5 - 19
Shower (per minute) 2 - 4 7.5 - 15
Toilet (per flush) 1.5 - 4 5.5 - 15
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