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Condensate Pipe Lines - Friction Resistance Imperial Units

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The table below can be used for running load. A common rule of thumb, if the start up conditions are unknown, double the running load to size condensate pipe lines.

Avoid friction resistance above 10 inches Water gauge - H2O - per 100 ft of pipe.

Condensate Pipe Lines - Friction Resistance - Imperial Units
Pipe Size
Mass Flow of Condensate (lb/h)
Frictional Resistance - Major loss (inches H2O per 100 ft of pipe)
1/2 100 240 290 350 430 460 520
3/4 230 560 680 820 990 1000 1200
1 440 1070 1200 1550 1800 2000 2260
1 1/4 950 2300 2700 3300 4000 4300 4800
1 1/2 1400 3500 4200 5500 6100 6600 7100
2 2800 6800 8100 9900 11800 12700 14200
2 1/2 5700 13800 16500 20000 23900 25700 28900
3 9000 21500 25800 31000 37000 39800 44700
4 18600 44000 52000 63400 75500 81000 90900
  • 1 in = 25.4 mm

Example - Sizing Condensate Pipe

For a steam distribution system with a running load of 2000 lb/h - the startup condensate load is doubled to 4000 lb/h.

Using the 10 inch H2O column - a 1 1/2 inch pipe is acceptable.

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