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Foods - Thermal Conductivities

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Conduction as heat transfer takes place if there is a temperature gradient in a solid or stationary fluid medium.

Thermal conductivity of some selected food products:

Foods - Water Content and Thermal Conductivities
FoodWater Content
Thermal Conductivity
(W/(m K))
Apple, whole 85 2 - 35 0.39
Apple, juice 88 20 0.56
Beef, freeze dried, 1 bar 0 0.07
Beef, freeze dried, 10-6 bar 0 0.04
Beef, lean, perpendicular to fibers 79 7 0.48
Beef, lean, parallel to fibers 79 7 0.43
Butter 15 45 0.2
Cod 83 3 0.54
Egg, white 35 0.58
Egg, yolk 35 0.34
Fish, loin 0 - 10 0.58
Grapefruit, whole 30 0.45
Honey 13 2 0.50
Milk 37 0.53
Milk, condensed 90 24 0.57
Milk, skimmed 2 0.54
Olive oil 15 0.19
Pork, perpendicular to fibers 75 5 0.49
Pork, parallel to fibers 75 5 0.44
Pork, fat 25 0.15
Potato, raw flesh 82 1 - 35 0.55
Poultry, broiler muscle 70 4 - 25 0.41
Salmon 75 4 0.50
Salt 90 0.25
Strawberry 15 - 25 0.68
Sugars 30 - 60 0.09 - 0.22
Turkey, breast prependicular to fibers 75 3 0.50
Turkey, breast parallel to fibers 75 3 0.52
Oil, vegetable and animal 4 - 180 0.17
Wheat flour 9 43 0.45
Whey 80 0.64
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