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Food Products - Viscosities

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Food Products - Absolute Viscosities

Absolute Viscosity
(Pa s)
Apple juice, 20 oBrix 27 0.0021
Apple juice, 60 oBrix 27 0.03
Corn oil 25 0.0565
Corn oil 38 0.0317
Cottonseed oil 20 0.0704
Cottonseed oil 38 0.0306
Cream 10% fat 40 0.00148
Cream 10% fat 60 0.00107
Cream 20% fat 60 0.00171
Cream 30% fat 60 0.00289
Milk, homogenized 20 0.0020
Milk, homogenized 40 0.0015
Milk, homogenized 60 0.00078
Milk, homogenized 80 0.0006
Milk, raw 0 0.00344
Milk, raw 10 0.00264
Milk, raw 20 0.00199
Milk, raw 30 0.00149
Milk, raw 40 0.00123
Peanut oil 25 0.066
Peanut oil 38 0.025
Safflower oil 25 0.052
Safflower oil 38 0.029
Soybean oil 30 0.04
Water 20.2 0.001
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