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Food Products - Bulk Densities

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Food Products - Bulk Densities
Food MaterialBulk Density

Barley 600
Beans 700
Beets, whole 760
Brewers grain, spent dry 450
Brewers grain, spent wet 900
Butter 911
Cashew nuts 560
Coconut, shredded 320 - 352
Coffee beans, green 673
Coffee, ground 400
Coffee, roasted beans 368
Corn, shelled 720
Corn starch, loosely packed 540
Corn starch, tightly packed 630
Corn syrup 1380
Flour, wheat 600
Grain, Barley 620
Grain, Corn - shelled 720
Grain, Corn - ear 900
Grain, distillery spent dry 480
Grain, Flax 770
Grain, Millet 640
Grain, Oats 410
Grain, Rice rough 580
Grain, Rice, hulled 750
Grain, Rye 720
Grain, Wheat 770
Honey 1420
Milk, whole dried 320
Mayonnaise 910
Mayonnaise, light 1000
Mustard seed 720
Oats 420
Oil, vegetable 920
Peanuts in shells 270
Peanuts, shelled 650
Peas, dried 800
Rapeseed 770
Rice, clean 770
Rye 700
Salt, Sodium Chloride 2165
Soybeans, cracked 560
Soybeans, whole 770
Sugar, granulated 800
Sugar, raw cane 960
Sugar, sucrose 1550
Walnut shells, crushed 650
Wheat 770
  • 1 kg/m3 = 0.0624 lb/ft3
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