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Ethanol Water Mixtures - Densities vs. Temperature

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Ethanol Water Mixtures - Densities vs. Temperature
Density (kg/m3)
Temperature (oC)
0 1000 999 998 997 996 994 992
10 984 983 982 980 979 977 975
20 972 971 969 966 964 961 959
30 960 957 954 951 947 944 941
40 942 939 935 931 928 924 920
50 922 918 914 910 906 902 897
60 899 895 891 887 883 878 874
70 876 872 868 863 859 855 850
80 852 848 843 839 835 830 826
90 827 822 818 814 809 805 800
100 798 794 789 785 781 776 772

The composition is mass ethanol per mass of solution. 

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