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Energy Transfer Equation

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The energy transfered with a substance can be expressed as

Q = m cp dt                                   (1)


Q = quantity of energy transferred (kJ, Btu)

m = mass of substance (kg, lb)

cp = specific heat of the substance (kJ/kgoC, kJ/kgoK, Btu/lb oF)

dt = temperature difference (rise or fall) in the substance (oC, K, oF)

Example - Energy Transfer with Water

2 kg of water is heated from 20oC to 60oC. The specific heat of water is 4.2 kJ/kgoC. The heat transfered can be calculated as

Q = (2 kg) (4.2 kJ/kgoC) ((60oC) - (20oC))

= 336 kJ

         = (336 kWs) (1/3600 h/s)

         = 0.093 kWh   

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