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Solids - Volume Temperature Expansion Coefficients

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Solids - Volume Temperature Expansion Coefficients
SolidExpansion Coefficient
(10-6 1/K)

Aluminum 69
Antimony 31.7
Beryl 1.1
Bismuth 39.5
Brass 57
Carbon steel 32.4
Concrete 36
Copper 49.9
Diamond 3.5
Douglas-fir 75
Emerald 1.7
Galena 55.8
Glass 27.6
Glass, borosilicate 9.9
Gold 44.1
Ice 112.5
Iron 35.5
Lead 84
Magnesium 78
Molybdenum 14.4
Nickel 39
Paraffin 590
Platinum 26.5
Polypropylene, PP 450
Porcelain 8.1
PVC 156
Quartz 38.4
Rock salt 121.2
Rubber 487
Silicon 9
Silicon Carbide 8.3
Silver 58.3
Sodium 213
Stainless Steel 30 - 52
Stearic acid 810
Steel 33 - 39
Sulfur 223
Tin 69
Titanium 26
Tungsten 13.5
Zinc 89.3
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