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Substances Triple Points

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Triple point:  The combination of the temperature and the pressure at which the three phases (gas, liquid, and solid) of a substance coexist in thermodynamic equilibrium.

Triple point for some common substances:

See also Critical Temperatures and Pressures for some common substances

Triple Points Substances


Acetylene -80.7 120
Air -213.40 5.265
Ammonia -77.75 6.076
Argon -189.34 68.9
Arsenic 820 3628
Butane -138.6 0.0007
Carbon (graphite) 4492 10132
Carbon dioxide -56.60 517
Carbon monoxide -205.05 15.37
Chloroform -97.72 0.870
Deuterium -254.52 17.1
Ethane -183.26 0.0008
Ethanol -123 0.00000043
Ethylene -169.2 0.12
Formic acid 8.25 2.2
Hexafluoroethane -100.07 26.60
Hydrogen -259.31 7.04
Hydrogen chloride -114.19 13.9
Iodine 113.50 12.07
Isobutane -159.60 0.000019481
Krypton -157.39 74.12
Mercury -39.0 0.000000165
Methane -182.47 11.7
Neon -248.58 43.2
Nitric oxide -163.65 21.92
Nitrogen -209.97 12.6
Nitrous oxide -90.81 87.85
Oxygen -218.79 0.152
Palladium 1552 0.0035
Platinum 1772 0.00020
Radon -71 70
Sulfur dioxide -75.46 1.67
Titanium 1668 0.0053
Uranium hexafluoride 64.02 151.7
Water 0.01 0.611657
Xenon -111.8 81.5
Zinc 419.50 0.065
  • 1 kPa (103 Pa) = 0.145 psi

The triple point is not the same as the critical point.

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