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Pressure to Head Unit Converter

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Convert between commonly used units for pressure and head:

Pressure to Head Unit Converter
from Multiply by
lb/in2 lb/ft2 Atm kg/cm2 kg/m2 in. water
lb/in2 1 144 0.068046 0.070307 703.070 27.7276
lb/ft2 0.0069444 1 0.000473 0.000488 4.88241 0.1926
Atm. 14.696 2116.22 1 1.0332 10332.27 407.484
kg/cm2 14.2233 2048.155 0.96784 1 10000 394.38
kg/m2 0.001422 0.204768 0.0000968 0.0001 1 0.03944
in. water
0.036092 5.1972 0.002454 0.00253 25.375 1
ft. water
0.432781 62.3205 0.029449 0.03043 304.275 12
in. mercury, inHg (32oF) 0.491154 70.7262 0.033421 0.03453 345.316 13.6185
mm mercury, inHg (32oF) 0.0193368 2.78450 0.0013158 0.0013595 13.59509 0.53616
Bars 14.5038 2088.55 0.98692 1.01972 10197.2 402.156
MPa 145.038 20885.5 9.8692 10.1972 101972.0 4021.56
Pressure to Head Unit Converter
from Multiply by
ft. water
in. mercury
mm mercury
Bars MPa
lb/in2 2.3106 2.03602 51.7150 0.06895 0.006895
lb/ft2 0.01605 0.014139 0.35913 0.000479 0.0000479
Atm 33.9570 29.921 760 1.01325 0.101325
kg/cm2 32.8650 28.959 735.559 0.98067 0.098067
kg/m2 0.003287 0.002896 0.073556 0.000098 0.0000098
in. water
0.08333 0.073430 1.8651 0.00249 0.000249
ft. water
1 0.88155 22.3813 0.029839 0.0029839
in. mercury, inHg
1.1349 1 25.40005 0.033864 0.0033864
mm mercury, inHg
0.044680 0.03937 1 0.001333 0.0001333
Bars 33.5130 29.5300 750.062 1 0.10
MPa 335.130 295.300 7500.62 10.0 1

Example - Convert Head in inHg to Pressure MPa

Atmospheric pressure is measured to 29.92 inHg. According the table above - to convert this value to MPa it must be multiplied with 0.0033864.

(29.92 inHg) 0.0033864 = 0.1013 MPa  (1.013 105 Pa)

Download kPa to bar, psi, mmH2O and inH2O chart

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