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Pumps - Suction Head vs. Altitude

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Practical pump suction head of a water pump is affected by altitude:

Pumps - Suction Water Head vs. Altitude
Elevation above Sea LevelPressure
Practical Suction Lift
(ft)(m)(psig)(ft H2O)(bar)(ft H2O)(m H2O)
0* 0* 14.71 33.95 1 22 6.7
1320 402 14.02 32.38 0.97 21 6.4
2640 805 13.33 30.79 0.92 20 6.1
3960 1207 12.66 29.24 0.87 18 5.5
5280 1609 12.02 27.76 0.83 17 5.2
6600 2012 11.42 26.38 0.79 16 4.9
7920 2414 10.88 24.13 0.75 15 4.6
10560 3219 9.88 22.82 0.68 14 4.3

* Sea Level

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