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Water - Speed of Sound vs. Temperature

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Speed of Sound in Water - imperial units (BG units)

Water - Speed of Sound vs. Temperature - Imperial Units
- t -
Speed of Sound
- c -
32 4603
40 4672
50 4748
60 4814
70 4871
80 4919
90 4960
100 4995
120 5049
140 5091
160 5101
180 5095
200 5089
212 5062

Speed of Sound in Water - in SI units

Water - Speed of Sound vs. Temperature - SI Units
- t -
Speed of Sound
- c -
0 1403 1449
5 1427
10 1447 1490
20 1481 1522
30 1507 1546
40 1526 1563
50 1541
60 1552
70 1555
80 1555
90 1550
100 1543
  • Seawater with salinity S = 35 (35.17 g/kg)
  • 1 m/s = 3.28 ft/s
  • Speed and Velocity of Sound - Speed of sound in air, fluids and solids. Formulas and values for different materials

Note that speed is a scalar quantity. Velocity is vector quantity with direction.

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