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Surface Radiation Absorptivity

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Absorptivity can be defined as

  • the ratio of power absorbed to the incident radiant power

For emissivity and emitted light absorptivity is the amount of radiation absorbed by a surface compared to what is absorbed by a black body.

Surface Radiation Absorptivity
Aluminum, anodized 0.14
Aluminum, dull/rough polished 0.4 - 0.65
Aluminum. polished 0.1 - 0.40
Asbestos Cement, old 0.83
Black matte 0.95
Brick, red 0.65
Chromium plate 0.20
Concrete 0.6
Iron, galvanized old 0.89 - 0.92
Grey paint 0.95
Light green paint 0.95
Limestone 0.33 - 0.53
Red clay brick 0.94
Snow, ice granules 0.33
Steel, galvanized (zink oxide) 0.65
Steel, galvanized weathered 0.8
White paint 0.25 - 0.4
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