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Melting and Boiling Temperatures - Evaporation and Melting Heats common Materials

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Melting and boiling temperatures, latent heat of evaporation, and melting heat from solid to fluid state of common substances:

Melting and Boiling Temperatures - Evaporation and Melting Heats common Materials
SubstanceMelting Point Temperature
- t -

Latent Heat of Melting
- Lf -

Boiling Point - Vaporization -  Temperature
- t -

Latent Heat of Evaporation
- Lv -

Aluminum 659 399 2327 10530
Brass 930      
Cobalt 1480   2900  
Copper 1083 207 2595 4730
Ethyl alcohol -114 108 78.3 855
Gold 1063 64 2600 1577
Graphite     3500  
Hydrogen -259 58.0 -253 455
Iron 1149 247 2870
Lead 328 23 1750 859
Manganese 1260   2150  
Magnesium 650   1110  
Mercury -38.8 11 357 295
Molybdenum 2620   5560  
Nickel 1455   2730  
Nitrogen -210 25.7 -196 200
Oxygen -219 13.9 -183 213
Silver 962 111 1950 2356
Titanium 1700   3260  
Tungsten 3370   5930  
Zinc 420   906  
Water 0 335 100 2272
  • T(oC) = 5/9[T(oF) - 32]
  • 1 kJ/kg = 0.4299 Btu/ lbm = 0.23884 kcal/kg
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