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Discrete Data Sets and their Mean, Median and Mode Values

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Mean Value

Arithmetic mean value can be calculated by adding together all the values in a set and dividing the result by the number of members in the set. Mean value can be calculated

xmean = (x1 + x2 + .. + xn) / n                             (1)


xmean = mean value

x1 + x2 + .. + xn ) = set values

n = number of members in the set

Eksample - Mean Value of Data Set

The mean value of set (3,5,2,5,12) can be calculated as

xmean = (3 + 5 + 2 + 5 + 12) / 5

   = 5.4

Median Value

The median value can often be a better indication of a set that contains extreme values. The median value can be estimated by

  1. ranking the data set in ascending order of magnitude
  2. selecting the middle member of the data set

Example - Median Value of Data Set

The median value of set (3,5,2,5,12) can be calculated by ordering the data in ascending order to


The middle member - and the Median Value - of the ordered data set is 5.

Mode Value

The mode - or modal - value is the most occurring value in a data set.

Eksample - Mode Value of Data Set

The modal value of set (3,5,2,5,12) can be calculated by counting the occurrence of every value in the data set.

As we can see in this limited data set - the modal value - of the data set is 5.

Online Mean and Median Value Calculator

Input csv (comma separated values) data in the box below:

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