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Indoor Design Temperatures

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Indoor air-temperatures summer and winter should be kept within certain limits to achieve acceptable conditions.

Winter Conditions

Acceptable indoor temperatures at winter conditions are indicated in the table below.

Indoor Design Temperatures
Type of Heated roomsTemperature
Bars 64 18
Bathrooms 72 22
Bedrooms 64 18
Changing rooms 72 22
Churches 64 18
Cloakrooms 61 16
Classrooms 68 20
Corridors 61 16
Dining rooms 68 20
Dressing rooms 70 21
Exhibition halls 64 18
Factories, sedentary work 64 18
Factories, light work 61 16
Factories, heavy work 55 13
Gyms 59 15
Halls, assembly 64 18
Halls, entrance 61 16
Hotel rooms 70 21
Laboratories 68 20
Lecture rooms 68 20
Libraries 68 20
Living rooms 70 21
Museums 68 20
Offices 68 20
Operating theaters 75 24
Prisons 64 18
Recreation rooms 64 18
Restaurants 64 18
Shops 64 18
Stores 59 15
Swimming baths 81 27
Waiting rooms 64 18
Wards 64 18
Warehouses 61 16

Summer Conditions

For summer the values below may be used as an indication of acceptable conditions.

Optimum temperature 20oC to 22oC
Optimum relative humidity 40% to 65%

Preferred indoor conditions for exposures less than 3 hours:

Indoor Temperatures vs. Outside Temperatures
Outside dry bulb
Inside air conditions with
dew point constant at 14oC

oC maxoC min%
35 27 18.5 44
32 26 18.0 46
29 25 17.8 52
27 24 17.5 51
24 23 17.2 57
21 22 17.0 57
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