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Metals - Boiling Temperatures

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Boiling temperatures for some metals are indicated below:

Metals - Boiling Temperatures
MetalBoiling Temperature
Aluminum 4478 2470
Antimony 2625 1440
Beryllium 4487 2475
Cadmium 1413 767
Chromium 4838 2670
Cobalt 5297 2925
Copper 4667 2575
Gold 5072 2800
Iron 5198 2870
Lead 3182 1750
Magnesium 1994 1090
Manganese 3740 2060
Mercury 675 357
Molybdenum 8403 4651
Nickel 5072 2800
Niobium 8564 4740
Platinum 4098 3825
Plutonium 5846 3230
Potassium 1400 760
Rhodium 6692 3700
Selenium 1292 700
Silicon 5936 3280
Silver 4013 2212
Sodium 1623 884
Tantalum 9689 5365
Thorium 8672 4800
Tin 4712 2600
Titanium 5954 3290
Tungsten 10022 5550
Uranium 7484 4140
Zinc 1670 910
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