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Valve Abbreviations

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Some common abbreviations used with valves in US drawings and documentation:

Valve Abbreviations
AbbreviationType of Valve
BB Bolted Bonnet
BC Bolted Cap
BV Ball Valve
BWE Butt Weld End
CV Check Valve
CWP Cold Working Pressure
DD Double Disc
DI Ductile Iron
DWV Drainage, Waste, Vent Fitting
FE Flange End
FF Flat Face
FLG Flange
FP Full Port
FTTG Fitting
FW Flexible Wedge
HF Hard Faced
HW Handwheel
IBBM Iron Body Bronze Mounted
IPS Iron Pipe Size
ISRS Inside Screw RS
GV Gate Valve
MJ Mechanical Joint
NPS Nominal Pipe Size
NPT National Pipe Taper Thread
NRS Non-Rising Stem
OWG Oil, Water, Gas Pressure
PRV Pressure Reducing Valve
RF Raised Face
RJ Ring Type Joint
RP Reduced Port
RS Rising Stem
RWD Resilient Wedge Disc
SB Silver Brazed
SE Solder End
SOV Shut Off Valve
SW Solid Wedge Disc
SWE Socket Weld End
TB Threaded Bonnet
TE Threaded End
TC Threaded Cap
SWP Steam Working Pressure
UB Union Bonnet
UC Union Cap
WOG Water, Oil, Gas Pressure
WWP Water Working Pressure
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