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Pumping Water - Energy Cost Calculator

Calculate the energy cost of pumping water.

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The energy cost per hour for pumping water can be calculated in imperial units as

C = 0.746 Q h c / (3960 μp μm)                                      (1)


C = cost per hour (USD/hour, EUR/hour, ...)

Q = volume flow (US gpm)

h = differential head (ft)

c = cost rate per kWh (USD/kWh, EUR/kWh, ....)

μp = pump efficiency (0 - 1)

μm= motor efficiency (0 - 1)

Alternative calculation in metric units

C = q ρ g h c / (3.6 106 μp μm)   

    =   q p c / (3.6 106 μp μm)                   (2)


q = volume flow (m3/h)

ρ = density (1000 kg/m3)

h = differential head, height (m)

g = acceleration of gravity (9.81 m/s2)

Example - Pumping Energy Cost

10 US gpm is lifted 10 ft. The electricity cost is 0.1 USD/kWh and the pump and motor efficiency 90% (0.9). The cost per hour can be calculated as

C = 0.746 (10 US gpm) (10 ft) (0.1 USD/kWh) / (3960 0.9 0.9)

  = 0.002 USD/hour

Pumping Energy Cost Calculator

Imperial Units:

Metric Units:

    • 1 US gpm = 0.227 m3/h
    • 1 ft = 0.305 m
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