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Engineering economics - cash flow diagrams, present value, discount rates, internal rates of return - IRR, income taxes, inflation.

Accounting Rate of Return

Net income vs net investment.

Bid Work Flow Template

A bid work flow template - Online with Google Docs.

Cars - New vs. Old Car Cost Calculator

Calculate and compare the costs between owning a new vs. an old car.

Cash Flow Diagrams

The future value of money.

Compound Interest Tables

Compound interest tables - interests rates 0.25 - 60%.

Discount Rates

The effect of single vs. multiple discounts.

Discrete Compounding Cash Flow Formulas

Discrete payments compounding equations and online calculators .

Effective Interest Rate vs. Nominal Interest Rate

Effective interest rate vs. nominal interest rate in sub-periods.

Income Tax

Income tax vs. taxable income.

Inflation Rate

Future value of money vs. inflation.

Interest Formulas

Future value of single cash flow.

Interest Rate

Interest rate is the cost of money.

Internal Rate of Return - IRR

Internal Rate of Return (IRR) - the break-even interest rate.

Investments in Renewable Energy

Calculate investments in renewable energy.

Markup and Gross Profit

Profit vs. markup.

Net Income

Operating profit after tax.

Net Present Worth (NPW) of a Cash Stream

The value of a stream of payments is called the Net Present Worth (NPW).

Operating Profit

Profit is made when revenue exceeds costs.

Payback Time

Investments and payback time.


Working with relative values.


An asset providing a fixed cash flow.

Present Value

The value of money in the future is the Present Value.

Shipping - Cost, Payment Terms and Conditions (TERMS)

FOB, CFR ...


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