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Concentration Units Converter

Calculator and formulas for conversion between different units of concentration: Molarity, molality, mole fraction, weight percent of solute and grams of solute per liter of solution - descriptive terms for solubility.

Online Units Concentration Calculator

The calculator below can be used to convert between common concentration units. The mole weight of the solvent and solute and the density of the solution must be filled in:

Density of water solutions of: organic acids , organic substances as sugars and alcohols , inorganic chlorides , inorganic sodium salts , inorganic potassium salts and some other inorganic substances .
See also Solutions, molarity and dilution , Mixtures, Solutions and Suspensions and Solubility product constants .

The fomulas used by the calculater is given in the table below:

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Molality, Molarity and Mole fractions
Desired unit  - as function of Wt% Molality Molarity Mole fraction g solute/l solution
Wt% of solute 100*E*B
1000 + E*B
G*B + (1 - G)*A
Molality, mol/kg solvent 1000*D
B*(100 - D)
1000*C - F*B
A - G*A
B*(1000*C - H)
Molarity, mol/liter solution 10*C*D
1000 + B*E
G*B + (1 - G)*A
Mole fraction, mol solute /mol total D/B
D/B + (100 - D)/A
A*E + 1000
F*(A - B) + 1000*C
H*(A - B) + 1000*C*B
Gram of solute/liter solution 10*D*C 1000*C*E*B
1000 + E*B
F*B 1000*C*G*B
G*B + (1-G)*A

A = mole weight of solvent, g/mol
B = mole weight of solute, g/mol
C = density of solution*, g/ml
D = wt% of solute
E = molality, mol/kg solvent
F = molarity, mol/liter solution
G = mole fraction, mol solute /mol total
H = gram of solute/liter solution

* Density is not needed for conversons between wt%, mole fraction and molality or between molarity and grams of solute per liter solution.

Density of low viscous liquids can be measured by exact weighing of a well-defined volume of the liquid. Then, the density is calculated by using the formula

density = mass [g]/volume [ml]

Density of water solutions of: organic acids , sugar and alchohols , inorganic chlorides , inorganic potassium salts , inorganic sodium salts , other common inorganic substanses
Shrinkage and estimation of density of a liquid-liquid solution

How to measure density of petroleum products

Descriptive Terms for Solubility

Descriptive Terms for Solubility
Descriptive TermParts of solvent required for 1 part of solute
Very soluble < 1
Freely soluble 1 < 10
Soluble 10 < 30
Sparingly soluble 30 < 100
Slightly soluble 100 < 1000
Very slightly soluble 1000 < 10000
Pracically insoluble (Insoluble) > 10000

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