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Microwave Heating

Heating with microwaves.

microwave oven heating

Microwaves penetrates food products and the heating extends within the entire product.

Packaging materials such as glass, ceramics and most thermoplastic materials allows microwaves to pass with little or no absorption. 

The relation wavelength, frequency and velocity of electromagnetic waves:

λ = c / f                              (1)


λ = wavelength (m)

c = speed of light (3 108 m/s) 

f = frequency (Hz, 1/s)

Permitted frequencies for microwave ovens

  • 915 +- 13 Mhz
  • 2450 +- 50 Mhz

The wavelengths can be calculated as

λ1 = (3 108 m/s) / (915 106 1/s)

  = 0.328 (m)

λ2 = (3 108 m/s) / (2450 106 1/s)

  = 0.122 (m)

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