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Combustion Appliances - Exhaust Temperatures

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Combustion Appliances - Exhaust Temperatures
Appliance typeExhaust Temperature
Chemical Oxidation 1350 - 1475 730 - 800
Annealing furnace 1100 - 1200 590 - 650
Fluidized-bed combustion 1600 - 1800 870 - 980
Natural-gas fired heating appliance with draft hood 360 182
Liquefied-petroleum gas-fired heating appliance with draft hood 360 182
Gas-fired heating appliance, no draft hood 460 238
Glass melting furnace 1200 - 1600 650 - 870
Oil-fired heating appliance, residential 560 293
Oil-fired heating appliance, forced draft over 400.000 Btu/h 360 182
Conventional incinerator 1400 760
Controlled air incinerator 1800 - 2400 982 - 1316
Pathological incinerator 1800 - 2800 982 - 1538
Gas turbine exhaust 700 - 1100 370 - 590
Diesel exhaust 1000 - 1200 540 - 650
Ceramic kilns 1800 - 2400 982 - 1316
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