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Vortex Flowmeters - Shedding Frequency vs. Volume Flow Rate

The vortex shedding frequency created around a bluff body and flow rate.

Vortex flow meter

Vortex Shedding Frequency

The vortex shedding frequency around a bluff body can be calculated as

f = Sr v / d                                             (1)


f = vortex shedding frequency (Hz)

Sr = Strouhal number (dimensionless)

v = flow velocity (m/s)

d = bluff body diameter

Volumetric Flowrate

The volumetric flowrate from the shredding frequency can be calculated as

q = A f / k                                      (2)


q = volumetric flowrate (m3/s)

A = cross sectional area of the vortex orifice (m2)

k = a constant for all fluids given design of meter

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