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Silicone - Chemical Resistance

Chemical resistance of silicone.

Silicone - Chemical Resistance
Acetamide, 150oC resistant
Acetic acid, 20oC resistant
Acetone, 20oC conditionally resistant
Ammonium hydroxide (conc.), 20oC resistant
Aniline, 100oC resistant
Petrol, 20oC conditionally resistant
Ball bearing fat, 150oC resistant
Brake fluid AT, 100oC resistant
Butanol, 117oC conditionally resistant
Butylacetate, 20oC conditionally resistant
Calcium hydroxide, (saturated), 20oC resistant
Carbon tetrachloride, 20oC conditionally resistant
Chlorbenzene, 20oC conditionally resistant
Carbolineum, 20oC resistant
Clophene, 150oC resistant
Cloroform, 20oC not resistant
Compressor oil, light, 150oC resistant
Diphenyl, 150oC conditionally resistant
Diesel oil, 20oC conditionally resistant
Dinamo oil, 150oC conditionally resistant
Hydrofluor acid 5%, 20oC not resistant
Gear oil DTE BB, 150oC resistant
Gear oil DTE HH, 150oC resistant
Gear oil DTE extra heavy, 150oC resistant
Gear oil Type SEA 90, 150oC resistant
Glycerin, 100oC resistant
Hexa ethoxydisiloxane, 20oC conditionally resistant
High pressure compressor oil, 150oC resistant
Isopropyl alcohol 82 conditionally resistant
Mineral oil, 20oC conditionally resistant
Potassium, 20oC%, 20oC resistant
Potassium hydroxide 50%, 20oC resistant
Potassium permanganate solution, 20oC resistant
Prestone, 20oC resistant

Salt, cooking solution 10%, 20oC

Linseed oil, 100oC resistant
Methanol 65 conditionally resistant
Methylen chloride, 20oC not resistant
Mineral oil ASTM No. 1, 150oC resistant
Mineral oil ASTM No. 3, 150oC conditionally resistant
Mineral oil SEA 10, 150oC resistant
Mineral oil SEA, 20oC, 150oC resistant
Mineral oil SEA 30, 150oC resistant
Mono styrene, 20oC conditionally resistant
Motor oil viscose static, 150oC resistant
Sodium, 20oC%, 20oC resistant
Soda 50%, 20oC resistant
Nitrobenzene, 20oC resistant
Oleic acid, 150oC not resistant
Olive oil, 150oC resistant
Perchlor, 20oC not resistant
Petroleum ether, 20oC not resistant
Petroleum, 20oC conditionally resistant
Phenol 60 resistant
Phosphoric acid 30%, 20oC resistant
Pyridine, 20oC conditionally resistant
Regulator oil, 150oC not resistant
Castor oil, 150oC resistant
Hydrochlorid acid 10%, 20oC resistant
Nitric acid conc., 20oC not resistant
Nitric acid 10%, 20oC conditionally resistant
Sulfuric acid, conc., 20oC not resistant
Sulfuric acid, 10%, 20oC resistant
Shock absorber oil, 20oC resistant
Turbentine oil, 20oC conditionally resistant
Toluene, 20oC conditionally resistant
Transformer oil, 150oC conditionally resistant
Tri, 20oC not resistant
Tri glycol, 20oC resistant
Vaseline, 150oC resistant
Water, 100oC resistant
Hydrogen peroxide 30%, 20oC resistant
Hydrogen superoxide 30%, 20oC resistant

In general - be careful with silicone tubes and gaskets with oil products. Depending on the content of the products silicone may - or may not - be resistant.

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