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Dowtherm A

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DOWTHERM™ A from The Dow Chemical Company is a heat transfer fluid suitable for non-pressurized liquid phase systems with a maximum temperature of 550°F (288°C).

DOWTHERM™ A is a eutectic mixture of two very stable compounds

  • biphenyl - C12H10
  • diphenyl oxide - C12H10O

with practically the same vapor pressures - suitable as a indirect heat transfer fluid for

  • liquid phase systems - 15oC to 400oC (60oF to 750oF)
  • vapor phase systems - 257oC to 400oC (495oF to 750oF)

Physical properties

  • freeze point - 12oC (56.6oF)
  • boiling point (atmospheric) - 257oC (494.8oF)
  • flash point (SETA) - 113oC (236oF) 
  • Fire point (C.O.C) - 118oC (245oF) 
  • autoignition temperature - 599oC (1110oF)
  • density (25oC, 75oF) - 1056 kg/m3 (66 lb/ft3)

Dowtherm A - Saturated Liquid Properties Chart

Vapor Pressure, Viscosity, Specific Heat, Thermal Conductivity and Density are indicated in the chart below:

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