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Scientific and Engineering Terms - ANSI Abbreviations

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Abbreviations for Use on Drawings and in Text, ANSI Y1.1 - 1972:

Scientific and Engineering Terms - ANSI Abbreviations
Absolute abs
Alternating current ac
Ampere-hour amp hr
Angstrom unit A
Antilogarithm antilog
Arithmetical average aa
Atmosphere atm
Atomic weight at wt
Avoirdupois avdp
Barometer baro
Board feet (feet board measure) fbm
Boiler pressure bopress
Boiling point bp
Brinell hardness number Bhn
British thermal unit Btu or B
Bushel bu
Calorie cal
Candle cd
Center to center c to c
Centimeter cm
Centimeter-gram-second (system) cgs
Chemical chem
Chemically pure cp
Circular circ
Circular mil cmil
Coefficient coef
Cologarithm colog
Concentrate conc
Conductivity cndct
Constant const
Cord cd
Cosecant csc
Cosine cos
Cost, insurance and freight cif
Cotangent ctn
Counter electromotive force cemf
Cubic cu
Cubic centimeter cm3 or cc
Cubic foot ft3 or cu ft
Cubic feet per second ft3/s or cfs
Cubic inch in3 or cu in
Cubic meter m3 or cu m
Cubic millimeter mm3 or cumm
Cubic yard yd3 or cu yd
Current density  cd
Cylinder cyl
Decibel dB
Degree de or o
Degree Centigrade oC
Degree Fahrenheit oF
Degree Kelvin K
Diameter dia
Direct current dc
Dozen doz
Dram dr
Efficiency eff
Electric elec
Electromotive force emf
Elevation el
Engine eng
Engineer engr
Engineering engrg
Equation eq
External ext
Fluid fl
Foot ft
Foot-candle fc
Foot-Lambert fL or fl
Foot per minute fpm
Foot per second fps
Foot-pound (unit of work or mechanical energy) ft lb
Foot-pound-second (system) fps
Free on board  fob
Freezing point fp
Frequency freq
Fusion point fnpt
Gallon gal
Gallon per minute gpm
Gallon per second gps
Grain gr
Gram g
Greatest common divisor gcd
High pressure hp
Horsepower hp
Horsepower-hour hp hr
Hour h or hr
Hyperbolic cosine cosh
Hyperbolic sine sinh
Hyperbolic tangent tanh
Inch in
Inch per second in/s or ips
Inch-pound  in lb
Indicated horsepower-hour iph
Intermediate pressure  ip
Internal intl
Kilovolt-ampere/hour KVA-h or kVah
Kilowatt-hour meter kwhm
Latitude lat
Least common multiple lcm
Liquid liq
Logarithm (common) log
Logarithm (natural) ln
Low pressure lp
Lumen per watt lm/W or lpw
Magnetomotive force mmf
Mathematics (ical) math
Maximum max
Mean effective pressure mep
Melting point mp
Meter m
Meter-kilogram-second mks
Microfarad μF
Mile mi
Mile per hour mi/h or mph
Milliampere mA
Minimum min
Molecular weight  mol wt
Molecule mo
National Electric Code NEC
Ounce oz
Ounce-inch oz in
Pennyweight dwt
Pint pt
Potential difference pd
Pound lb
Pound-force foot (torque unit) lbf ft or lb ft
Pound-force inch (torque unit) lbf in or lb in
pound-force per square foot  lbf/ft2 or psf
pound-force per square inch lbf/in2 or psi
pound per horsepower lb/hp or php
Powerfactor pf
Quart qt
Reactive volt-ampere meter rva
Revolution per minute r/min or rpm
Revolution per second  r/s or rps
Root mean square  rms
Round rnd
Secant sec
Second s or sec
Sine  sin
Specific gravity sp gr
Specific heat  sp ht
Square  sq
Square centimeter cm2 or sq cm
Square foot ft2 or sq ft
Square inch in2 or sq in
Square kilometer km2 or sq km
Square root of mean square rms
Standard std
Tangent  tan
Temperature  temp
Tensile strength ts
Versed sine vers
Volt V
Watt W
Watthour Wh
Week wk
Weight wt
Yard yd
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