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Valve Type Classifications

Categories of valves.

Valves - P&ID drawing

Valve Type Classifications

Categories of Valves

Application Description
Flow regulating valves For controlling rate of flow.
Temperature regulating valves For controlling fluid temperature in a system.
Automatic process control valves For controlling rate of flow relative to value.
Anti vacuum valves An automatic type of air valve preventing the formation of vacuum in tanks or pipelines.
Blow down valves A valve which is used for cleaning sludge from a boiler.
Bulkhead valves A gate valve.
Free ball valves A valve in which a ball is free to rotate in any direction.
Fusible link or fire valves A fire prevention valve which has a weighted lever hold open by a wire and fusible link which melts at an increase of room temperature.
Hydraulic valves A control valve for water, oil, or hydraulic systems.
Jet dispersal valve A valve incorporating an element by virtue of which the energy within the emitting jet is dissipated.
Penstock A single faced type of valve consisting of an open frame and a door and used in terminal positions only. Normal located in tanks or channels for controlling flow in to a pipe.
Plate valves A gate valve incorporating a sluicing effect.
Radiator valves A valve controlling the flow of water through a radiator.
Rotary slide valve A valve in which a rotation of internal parts regulates flow by opening ar closing a series of segmental ports.
Rotary valve A spherical plug valve in which the plug, which rotates through 90o.
Solenoid valve A valve operated by by an electrical solenoid.
Spectacle eye valve A parallel slide valve.
Thermostatic mixing valve A valve which combines temperature.
Throttle valve A non tight closing butterfly valve.

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