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Saturated Ice and Steam - Thermodynamic Properties

Thermodynamic properties of saturated ice and steam - specific volume, enthalpy and entropy.

Specific volume (v), specific internal energy (u), enthalpy (h), and entropy (s) of compressed water and ice.

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Saturated Ice and Steam - Thermodynamic Properties
- t -
Vapor Pressure
- ps -
Specific VolumeSpecific Internal EnergySpecific EnthalpySpecific Entropy
saturated solid
- vi -
saturated vapor
- vg -
saturated solid
- ui -
saturated vapor
- ug -
saturated solid
- hi -
saturated vapor
- hg -
saturated solid
- si -
(kJ/kg K)
saturated vapor
- sg -
(kJ/kg K)
0.01 0.006112 1.091 206.1 -333.5 2374.7 -333.5 2500.8 -1.221 9.155
-10 0.002598 1.089 467.5 -354.2 2360.8 -354.2 2482.2 -1.298 9.481
-20 0.001038 1.087 1125 -374.1 2346.8 -374.1 2463.6 -1.375 9.835
-30 0.0003809 1.086 2946 -393.3 2332.9 -393.3 2445.1 -1.452 10.221
-40 0.0001288 1.084 8354 -411.8 2319.0 -411.8 2426.6 -1.530 10.664

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