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Fluids - Identity Colors

Identifying colors used for fluid piping systems.

Identifying colors used for fluids transported in piping systems according ANSI A13.1 version 1996 and 2015 are indicated below.

ANSI A13.1-1996

Fluids - Identity Colors - ANSI A13.1-1996
Fluid ServiceColor Code
Material Inherently Hazardous Yellow/Black
Flammable or Explosive Chemical Active or Toxic Extreme Temp. of Pressures Radioactive Yellow/Black
Material of Inherently Low Hazard Green/White
Liquid or Liquid Admixtures Green/White
Material of Inherently Low Hazard Blue/White
Gas or Gaseous Admixtures Blue/White
Fire Quenching Fluids Red/White
Water, Foam, CO2, Halon, etc Red/White

ANSI A13.1-2015

Fluids - Identity Colors - ANSI A13.1-2015
Fluid ServiceColor Code
Flammable & Oxidizing Fluids Yellow/Black
Potable, Cooling, Boiler Feed & Other Waters Green/White
Compressed Air Blue/White
Fire Quenching Fluids Red/White
Toxic and Corrosive Fluids Orange/Black
Combustible Fluids Brown/White
Defined by User White/Black
Defined by User Gray/White
Defined by User Black/White

Possible (not mandatory) use of color codes for different types of applications are indicated below.

Fluids - Identity Colors - Options
Color Code
FluidANSI 13.1 - 1996ANSI 13.1 - 2015
Acetic Acid Yellow/Black Orange/Black
Acetone Yellow/Black Yellow/Black
Acetylene Gas Yellow/Black Yellow/Black
Acid Yellow/Black Orange/Black
Air Green/White Blue/White
Alcohol Yellow/Black Yellow/Black
Alum Green/White
Ammonium Nitrate Yellow/Black Yellow/Black
Amyl Acetate Yellow/Black Yellow/Black
Antidote Gas Blue/White
Argon Green/White
Benzol Yellow/Black Yellow/Black
Bisulphite Liquor Yellow/Black Yellow/Black
Blau Gas Yellow/Black Yellow/Black
Bleach Liquor Yellow/Black Yellow/Black
Blow-off Water Yellow/Black Green/White
Boiler Feed Water Yellow/Black Green/White
Brine Green/White Green/White
Burner Gas Yellow/Black Brown/White
Butane  Yellow/Black Brown/White
Butyl Alcohol Yellow/Black Yellow/Black
Calcium Chloride Blue/White Orange/Black
Carbon Bisulphide Yellow/Black Orange/Black
Carbon Dioxide Yellow/Black Orange/Black
Carbon Monoxide Yellow/Black Orange/Black
Carbonated Water Green/White Green/White
Caustic Soda Yellow/Black Orange/Black
Chlorine Yellow/Black Orange/Black
Chlorine Gas Yellow/Black Orange/Black
Chloroform Yellow/Black
Circulating Water Green/White Green/White
City Gas Yellow/Black Brown/White
City Water  Green/White Green/White
Coal Gas Yellow/Black Brown/White
Cold Water Green/White Green/White
Compressed Air Green/White
Condensate Yellow/Black Green/White
Cooling Water Green/White Green/White
Cottonseed oil Yellow/Black
Cutting Oil Green/White
Diesel Oil Yellow/Black Brown/White
Distilled Water Green/White Green/White
Drain Oil Yellow/Black
Drain Water Green/White Green/White
Drinking Water Green/White Green/White
Dye Yellow/Black Orange/Black
Ethan Dye Yellow/Black Orange/Black
Exhaust Air Green/White
Exhaust Gas Yellow/Black
Exhaust System Yellow/Black
Filtered Water Blue/White Green/White
Fire Protection Water Red/White Red/White
Flue Gas Yellow/Black
Foamite Red/White
Formalin Yellow/Black
R-12 dichlorodifluoromethane Green/White
Fresh Water Green/White Green/White
Fuel Gas Yellow/Black Brown/White
Fuel oil Yellow/Black Brown/White
Gas Yellow/Black Brown/White
Gasoline Yellow/Black Brown/White
Glycerine Green/White
Heating Returns Yellow/Black Green/White
Heating Steam Yellow/Black
Helium Green/White
Hot Water Yellow/Black Green/White
Hydrochloric Acid Yellow/Black Orange/Black
Hydrogen Yellow/Black Yellow/Black
Hydrogen Peroxide Yellow/Black Orange/Black
Hydrogen Sulphide Yellow/Black Orange/Black
Industrial Water Green/White Green/White
Instrument Air Green/White Blue/White
Kerosone Yellow/Black Brown/White
Lacquer Yellow/Black Yellow/Black
Lactic Acid Yellow/Black Orange/Black
Linseed Oil Yellow/Black Yellow/Black
Lubricating Oil Yellow/Black
Make-up Water Green/White Green/White
Mercury Yellow/Black
Methyl Chloride Yellow/Black Orange/Black
Mixed Acid Yellow/Black Orange/Black
Mixed Gas Yellow/Black
Monoethanolamine Green/White
Muriatic Acid Yellow/Black Orange/Black
Naphtha Yellow/Black Yellow/Black
Natural Gas Yellow/Black Brown/White
Nitric Acid Yellow/Black Orange/Black
Nitrogen Green/White
Nitrogen Oxide Yellow/Black
Oil Yellow/Black Yellow/Black
Oil, lubricating Yellow/Black Yellow/Black
Oil, soluble Yellow/Black Yellow/Black
Oxygen Yellow/Black Yellow/Black
Paint Yellow/Black Yellow/Black
Peanut Oil Yellow/Black Yellow/Black
Phenol Yellow/Black Yellow/Black
Phenol Yellow/Black Yellow/Black
Process Gas Yellow/Black Yellow/Black
Producer Gas Yellow/Black Yellow/Black
Propane Gas Yellow/Black Brown/White
Raw Water Green/White Green/White
Refrigerated Water Green/White Green/White
River Water Green/White Green/White
Salt Water Green/White Green/White
Sanitary Sewer Green/White Green/White
Soda Ash Green/White Orange/Black
Solvent Yellow/Black Yellow/Black
Soybean Oil Yellow/Black Yellow/Black
Sprinkler Water Red/White Red/White
Steam Yellow/Black
Storm Sewer Green/White Green/White
Sugar Juice Green/White
Sulhur Chloride Yellow/Black Orange/Black
Sulphur Dioxide Yellow/Black Orange/Black
Sulphuric Acid Yellow/Black Orange/Black
Tar Yellow/Black
Toluene Yellow/Black Yellow/Black
Toluol Yellow/Black Yellow/Black
Trichlorethylene Yellow/Black Yellow/Black
Turpentine Yellow/Black Yellow/Black
Vapor Yellow/Black
Varnish Yellow/Black Yellow/Black
Vegetable Oil Yellow/Black Yellow/Black
Waste Water Green/White Green/White
Water Green/White Green/White
Water Gas Yellow/Black Brown/White

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