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Power Installations - DIN VDE Standards

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DIN VDE Power Installation Standards
DIN VDE 0100 Erection of power installations with rated voltages below 1000
DIN VDE 0100 part 100 General requirements
DIN VDE 0100 part 410/part 430 Protective measures and protection against electric shock
DIN VDE 0100 Protection of cables against overcurrent
DIN VDE 0100 Supplement 1 to part 430 Recommended values for current carrying capacity
DIN VDE 0100 part 482 Choice of protective measures, protection against fire
DIN VDE 0100 part 520/part 530 Selection and erection of equipment cable, wires and wiring systems. Erection electrical equipment switch and controlgear
DIN VDE 0100 part 559 Luminiaries and lighting equipment
DIN VDE 0100 part 701 to part 705 Rooms containing a bath tub or shower basin. Roofed swimming pools (swimming baths) and open air swimming baths. Rooms containing electrical sauna heaters. Installations site. Agricultural and horticultural premises
DIN VDE 0100 part 720 Fire hazards locations
DIN VDE 0100 part 726 up to 0 part 738 Lifting and hoisting devices. Laying of cables in hollow walls and in buildings made up mainly flammable building materials. Cable entries into buildings in public cable network. Humid and wet areas, outdoor installation
DIN VDE 0101 Erection of power installations with rated voltages above 1 kV
DIN VDE 0105 Operation of power installations
DIN VDE 0107 Electrical installations in hospitals and locations for medical use outside hospitals
DIN VDE 0108 part 1 up to part100 Power installations and safety power supply in communal facilities, stores and shops and exhibition rooms, multi. story buildings, Restaurants, closed car parks and working or business premises
DIN VDE 0113 Electrical equipment of industrial machines
DIN VDE 0118 Erection of electrical installations in mines
DIN VDE 0165 Installation of electrical apparatus in hazardous areas
DIN VDE 0166 Electrical installations and apparatus for use in atmospheres potentially endangered by explosive material
DIN VDE 0168 Erection of electrical installation in open cast mines quarries and similar plants
DIN VDE 0170/0171 Electrical apparatus for potentially explosive atmospheres
DIN VDE 0185 Lightning protection system, protection of structures against lightning
DIN VDE 0207 part 1 up to part 24 Insulating and sheathing compounds for cables and flexible cords
DIN VDE 0245 part 1 Cables and cords for electrical and electronic equipment in power installations
DIN VDE 0245 part101 up to part 202 Flexible PVC insulated control cable
DIN VDE 0250 part 1 up to part 819 Cables, wires and flexible cords for power installation
DIN VDE 0253 Heating cables
Power guides
DIN VDE 0262 XLPE (cross linked PE) insulated and PVC sheathed installations cable up to 0.6/1 kV
DIN VDE 0265 Cables with plastic insulated lead sheat for power installation
DIN VDE 0266 part 3 and part 4 Halogen free cables with improved characteristics in the case of fire, with reduced fire propagation and continuance of isolation for use in the containment of nuclear power plants
DIN VDE 0267 Halogen free cables with improved characteristics in the case of fire, nominal voltages up to 6 to 30 kV
DIN VDE 0271 PVC-insulated cables and sheathed power cables for rated voltages up to and including 3.6/6 (7.2) kV
DIN VDE 0276 part 603 Distribution cables of nominal voltages U0/U 0.6/1 kV
DIN VDE 0276 part 604 Power cables of nominal voltages U0/U 0.6/1 kV with special fire performance for use in power stations
DIN VDE 0276 part 604/605 Additional test methods
DIN VDE 0276 part 620 Distribution cables of nominal voltages U0/U 3.6 kV to 20.8/36 kV
DIN VDE 0276 part 1000 Current-carrying capacity, general; conversion factors
DIN VDE 0276 part 1001 Tests on cables laid with nominal voltages U0/U 6/10 kV, 12/20 kV and 18/ 30 kV with PVC-insulation, VPE-insulation or paper insulation
DIN VDE 0277 Primary cables for airport lighting
DIN VDE 0281 part 1 to part 404 PVC-cables, wires and flexible cords for power installation
DIN VDE 0282 part 1 to part 808 Rubber cables and flexible cords for power installation, heat resistant silicon rubber insulated cable, halogen free insulated cable arc welding cable, rubber insulated lift cable, rubber sheathed flexible cables
DIN VDE 0284 Mineral insulated cables with a rated voltages not exceeding 750 V
DIN VDE 0289 part 1 to part 101 Definitions for cables, wires and flexible cords for power installation
DIN VDE 0292 Code designation for harmonized cables and flexible cords for power installations
DIN VDE 0293 Core identification for cables and flexible cords used in power installation
DIN VDE 0295 Conductors of cables, wires and flexible cords for power installation
DIN VDE 0298 part 1 to part 300 Application of cables and flexible cords in power installations
Testing, measurement
DIN VDE 0472 part 1 to part 818 Testing of cables, wires and flexible cords
DIN VDE 0473 up to part 811 Insulating and sheating materials of electric cables. Common test methods
DIN VDE 0482 up to part 268 Measurement of smoke density of cables
Telecommunications, Switchboard and Installations-cable
DIN VDE 0800 part 1 to part 10 Telecommunications
DIN VDE 0811 Ribbon cables with round conductors, with a pitch of 1.27 mm
DIN VDE 0812 Equipment wires and stranded equipment wires of telecommunications system
DIN VDE 0813 Switchboard cables for telecommunications system
DIN VDE 0814 Cords for telecommunications system
DIN VDE 0815 Wiring cables for telecommunications system (indoor cable)
DIN VDE 0816 part 1 to part 3 Outdoor cables for telecommunications system
DIN VDE 0817 Cables with stranded conductors for increased mechanical stress for tele- communications system
DIN VDE 0818 Self-supporting telecommunication aerial cables on overhead power lines above 1 kV
DIN VDE 0839 Electromagnetic compatibility
DIN VDE 0881 Equipment wires and flexible equipment wires with extended tempera- ture
DIN VDE 0891 part 1 to part 10 Special directions and guiding principles of cables and insulated wires
DIN VDE 0899 part 1 up to part 5 Special specification for optical fiber, single cores, indoor and outdoor cables
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