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Fuel Gases - Wobbe Index

Wobbe index for fuel gases like propane, butane, methane and more.

The Wobbe Index indicates the interchange ability of a fuel gas and is the best indicator of similarity between natural gas and a specific propane-air mixture.

Fuel Gases - Wobbe Index
Fuel GasUpper Wobbe Index
Lower Wobbe Index
Hydrogen 11,528 9,714
Methane 12,735 11,452
Ethane 16,298 14,931
Ethylene 15,253 14,344
Natural Gas 12,837 11,597
Propane 19,376 17,814
Propylene 18,413 17,180
n-Butane 22,066 20,336
Iso-Butane 21,980 20,247
Butylene-1 21,142 19,728
LPG 20,755 19,106
Acetylene 14,655 14,141
Carbon Monoxide 3,060 3,060

Since the Wobbe index relates heating characteristics of blended fuel gases it can be used to obtain constant heat flows from gases of varying compositions.

Note! The Wobbe Index does not relate flame temperatures, heat transfer coefficients or temperature gradients.

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