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Chinese and International Valve Standards

Chinese valve standards compared with the international ISO, ASTM , ASME, ANSI, MSS, API and JIS standards.

Chinese and International Valve Standards
Standard Code Num.Standard NameAdopting Standard
GB12220 General valve -- marking ISO 5209
GB12221 Flanged ends metal valve - face-to-face dimensions ISO 5752
GB12222 Multi-turn valve -- connection of driving device ISO 5210/1 - 3
GB12223 Part-turn valve -- connection of driving device ISO 5211/1 - 3
GB12224 Steel valve - general requirements ANSI B16.34
GB12225 General valve -- copper alloy casting ware technology requirements ASTM B584
GB12226 General valve -- gray casting iron technology requirements ISO 185,BS 1452
GB12228 General valve -- carbon forging steel technology requirements ASTM A 105,A181
GB12229 General valve -- carbon casting steel technology requirements ASTM A703
GB12230 General valve --- Ad casting steel technology requirements ASTM A351
GB12232 General valve -- flanged ends iron gate valve ISO5996-1982,
API 595
GB12233 General valve -- iron gate valve and lift check valve BS5152,5153
GB12234 General valve -- flanged and butt-welding ends copper gate valve API 600
GB12237 General valve -- flanged and butt-welding ends steel ball valve ISO7121, API 607
GB12238 General valve -- flanged and wafer ends butterfly valve BS5155
GB12239 General valve -- diaphragm valve BS5156,NFE29
GB12240 General valve -- iron plug valve API 593
GB12241 Safety valve -- general requirements ISO 4126
GB12242 Safety valve -- characteristic testing solution ANSI/ASME PTC25.3
GB12243 Direct spring loaded safety valve JIS B 8210
GB12244 Pressure reducing valve - general requirements JIS B 8372,B8410
GB12245 Pressure reducing valve - characteristic testing solution JIS B 8372,B8410
GB12246 Pilot operated pressure reducing valve JIS B 8372, DSS405
GB12247 Steam trap valve -- classification ISO 6704
GB12248 Steam trap valve -- technology terms ISO 6552
GB12249 Steam trap valve -- marking ISO 6553
GB12250 Steam trap valve -- face-to-face dimensions ISO 6554
GB12251 Steam trap valve -- testing solution ISO 6948,7841,7842
GB/T13927 General valve -- pressure testing ISO 5208
JB/T6899-93 Valve fire-proof test ISO10497
JB/T7927-95 Valve casting steel ware out-form quality requirements MSS SP55
ZBJ16006-90 Inspection and testing of valve API 598

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